A Small but powerful team

Meet our small but powerful team of IT geeks and top-notch instructors.

We are a small team but we have big goals. We want to change the world by taking small tiny steps. We want to educate our youth with real knowledge and a problem-solving approach. We don’t want to grab money in the name of education. We craft the success of our students and take them on a journey of success. We follow them along the way until they get to succeed.


Abdul Wali

Instructor & Founder of Online Seekho

Abdul Wali is the founder of onlineseekho.com and a leading instructor who has expertise in Blogging, SEO, YouTube, and digital marketing.

Abdul Wali has been working online since 2010 and he has created several successful websites and YouTube channels over the last couple of years. Currently, he is leading the Blogging, YouTube & SEO courses.

Ayesha Jalal

Project manager

Ayesha Jalal is a tech geek working for IT companies since 2011. She has been leading many departments in different software houses in Karachi, Pakistan.

Ayesha focuses on product development and business expansion at onlineseekho.com. She works behind the scenes to make sure the operations go smoothly.

Nadeem Khan

video editor

Nadeem Khan is a professional video editor and he also manages YouTube channels. He loves to create videos and films. He is also an instructor.

Nadeem is part of our faculty and also he manages the video production at onlineseekho.com.

Mudassir Maqbool

web developer

Mudassir is a talented young web developer working as a leading instructor at onlineseekho.com

He has been teaching online since 2013 and currently working as a web developer with many startups. He is also the leading instructor for the Full Stack Web Developer course at onlineseekho.com.


Abdul Wali is my teacher since 2013 and I have learned blogging and SEO from his courses. Now I’m making $2000 a month online with my blogging skills and offering my SEO services to different clients across the globe. I’m thankful to Abdul Wali and onlineseekho.com.

– Waseem Khan

Well, this platform has helped me in pursuing my digital career. I have been hearing a lot about digital marketing and Sir Abdul Wali but I never tried to find a way to start my career. I meet him in Islamabad and then I decided to enroll in one of his courses. It was a super helpful experience. I’m now making money online.

– Noman

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