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Practical result-oriented courses that will help you change your life with more earnings and more skills. Check students’ reviews below.

Meet our founder Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is an online instructor, professional blogger, and digital marketer from Pakistan who is working online since 2010. He has created many online platforms for eLearning & is the latest addition. Abdul Wali wants to spread his knowledge through the Online Seekho platform with the youth of Pakistan.

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Blogging & SEO Course

Blogging & SEO course in Pakistan

SEO is the backbone of Digital Marketing and this is our best-selling course in which you will learn Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and Google Adsense with practical experience.

YouTube & Video Editing

YouTube content creation course in Pakistan

Video Editing is an on-demand skill and YouTube is the largest video sharing site from where we can earn a lot of money. This course includes content creation & editing. This is one month course.

Full Stack Web Developer

full stack web developer course in pakistan

Web development is an evergreen skill that will always make you good money and you will feel proud of your web development skills. We will make you a full-stack web developer in 2 months.

Online Teaching Course

online teaching course in pakistan

This is the era of online teaching and we are going to make you a teacher. You can make money by teaching online and the demand for online courses is too high.

What our students say;

Abdul Wali is my teacher since 2013 and I have learned blogging and SEO from his courses. Now I’m making $2000 a month online with my blogging skills and offering my SEO services to different clients across the globe. I’m thankful to Abdul Wali and

Waseem Khan

Well, this platform has helped me in pursuing my digital career. I have been hearing a lot about digital marketing and Sir Abdul Wali but I never tried to find a way to start my career. I meet him in Islamabad and then I decided to enroll in one of his courses. It was a super helpful experience. I’m now making money online.

– Noman

Wali bhai is a very dedicated teacher and he always tries to teach from his heart. He has a very deep understanding of SEO and digital marketing. I will recommend these courses to everyone who wants to start their online journey.

– Javed

I was naive in this field, after joining the free blogging and SEO course by Abdul Wali; I was surprised about many new opportunities and since then I have not looked back. Thank you very much online seekho for this opportunity.

– Bushra Ali

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